Market America Isotonix – What Is Isotonix?

Learn about Isotonic vs. Isotonix and Whether Isotonic Supplements Work Better

market america isotonixWhat is Isotonix (Market America Isotonix)? 

Isotonix’ is a registered trademark of Market America, and it is neither a certification nor a warranty of any kind. This means only Market America can use the word ‘Isotonix’ to do business. Market America uses ‘Isotonix’ to market a series of vitamins and supplements that are ‘isotonic-capable’. 


What is Isotonic? 

‘Isotonic’ is a term in physical chemistry. It pertains to solutions characterized by equal osmotic pressure. In cell biology, an isotonic environment means an equal concentration exists inside and outside the cell; therefore, the water inside the cell will not go out and the water from the solution will not go inside the cell. This implies the fluid remains with its compartment and cells neither shrink nor swell (i.e. the cell survives). 

Isotonic solution is one of the main types of IV (intravenous) therapy, which is frequently used on patients who need immediate electrolyte, fluid or drug therapy. It prevents fluid shifting in or out of our cells. Some sports drinks are isotonic for similar purposes. Saline solution of contact lens is isotonic to the eyes too. 


Isotonic Vitamins/Supplements 

Some brands of vitamins and supplements, including Market America’s Isotonix, are marketed as ‘isotonic’. They are in either liquid form or powders to be mixed with water to form an isotonic solution.

In theory, nutrients in an isotonic form can pass more quickly and directly into the small intestine and absorbed into the body more rapidly than non-isotonic ones. The idea is not much different from the isotonic sports drinks or intravenous therapy


Are Isotonic Vitamins Better?

Isotonic solution is frequently given in some medical scenarios. It is designed to be absorbed better and quicker. However, this does not guarantee our body can fully utilize the nutrients that delivered through an isotonic form. Like any traditional vitamins, the completeness and quality of the ingredients are the key to the effectiveness. Unfortunately, FDA neither regulates claims of efficacy from health-food industry nor enforces pharmaceutical grade for vitamins and supplements. This means the isotonic vitamins may not be as isotonic as those for medical purposes. Whether an isotonic vitamin is better than regular one or not is subjective as each person may respond differently.

Nevertheless, disregard the higher cost, isotonic vitamins such as Market America Isotonix should be a good choice for seniors or those who dislike swallowing pills or have swallowing problems. 





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